The way to solve the most pressing needs of this world: Social Business

¨The world is too unequal, too unstable and too unsustainable¨ Bill Clinton 2012.

It is not a secret that our world is facing a dramatic and antagonist reality. Let’s pretend for a moment that a world is like a coin, which in one side technology, science, globalization and education have positively changed the lives of millions, where is a strong trend into innovation, creativity and collaboration. In this side of the coin, the young generations are born and raised with a strong sense that there are no barriers for them, they can achieve the unthinkable.

It seems that, if people are self-disciplined, hardworking, and seize the moment they can reach their full potential, and this is true for that side of the coin. Unfortunately, this does not apply to everyone, there still remain an important percentage of this world´s population who are still pressed on unequal, unstable and unsustainable practices that reduce their opportunities, who lives are more a nightmare than a dream, where people struggle for access to basic needs like medical care, sanitation or shelter, where creativity it turns into resilience, where there is not a sense of collaboration and abuse is frequent. It is a side in which in general terms people have more access to mobile phones than quality education or potable water, where daily thousands die from preventable diseases and malnutrition, where violence is everywhere, a side of a coin in which economic growth is more important than social progress, where war and poverty It is inherited for generations and where lies a strong sense that nothing will improve no matter how hard or well-disciplined people are.


Fortunately, in the middle of this disruptive and senseless world there is an incredible opportunity to grab the best of each side and use it in favour of humanity, focusing on solving the most pressing problems and build a better world for everyone, that is what I call: Social Business. For me, it is more than an alternative way of doing business is a movement that seeks solutions for people in need instead of their own benefit. In which innovation and collaboration create opportunities for everyone, where profits are more than numbers, where the ROI is shape by the expectations of those whose desire is to contribute to build a more equal and stable world. Social Business confirms the premise that it is possible to destroy poverty, overcome unemployment and build a sustainable world. The evidence is out there and is impressive, social businesses are working in this moment to provide water sanitation solutions in Africa, microcredits  are now  worldwide given to woman and their families to increase their incomes and empowered them, nutritional supplements  for children are sale in an affordable price for everyone, to guarantee  kids reach their full potential in Costa Rica , creative designs and campaigns denouncing what is wrong and proposing different ways of doing things are everywhere,  right now there are medicines and healthcare for people in need at low cost and great quality in south America,  young movements around the world are committing themselves to achieve a significant change in their communities and advocating for real public policies based on common well being. And this is the just the beginning, technology is becoming a powerful weapon to attack corruption and propose creative solutions, and even now a social progress index has been created to measure what really matters.  Possibilities are now more open then ever, but they require from us a real commitment for being part of this movement. If you are, the way to do it is not easy but quite of excited, lets focus on tackle the pressing needs of this world, lets over come them by doing social business. It is possible now more than ever.

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