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Social Entrepreneur. Professional experience in managing and leading powerful social initiatives, assuring impact and scalability. Passionate about education and entrepreneurship. English teacher and Master in Business Administration with emphasis in Marketing and Project Management.


August ’12 -Current    General and Founding Manager, Fundación Gente

Nonprofit organization that seeks to develop programs and instruments to strengthen the national public education system through strategic and empowering public-private partnerships.

  • I led a multidisciplinary team of people aimed at developing public-private partnerships for strengthening the quality of public education in Costa Rica alliances.
    I drove the definition and implementation of the strategy of the foundation, allowing the organization to focus its efforts on improving management and budget implementation in schools nationwide.
  • I coordinated the development of two executive decrees of the Government of Costa Rica (Decree 38249 MEP (Ministry of Education) General Regulations and Administrative Boards of Education / 29-AC-2014 Declaration of the National Day of Education and Administrative Boards) and various directives and guidelines aimed at a national level thanks to the MEP (Ministry of Education) -and Fundación Gente Alliance.
  • I represented and coordinated the work with different institutions and organizations nationwide.
  • I structured the Foundation’s Professional Volunteer Program, which allows the replication of the model by private companies across the country through agreements and alliances with leading groups and associations in the country.
  • I  created and managed the “Héroes de Carne y Hueso” and “Fábricas de Sueños” campaigns as part of the celebration of the First National Day of Education and Administrative Boards, with a reach of more than 2 millions of people and the enrollment of national figures.
  • I developed strategic alliances with universities, social organizations and regional leaders companies, which contributed to create synergies, strategic alliances, implement projects and enhance the project’s impact and scope of the Foundation.
  • I led the execution of more than $2 000 000 of funds on our beneficiaries.

January ’09 –August ‘13 Executive Director, Miguiaeducativa.com

Miguiaeducativa is a social enterprise that provides support to more than 40,000 mothers in Latin America

  • I founded the company and led the process of conceptualization and innovation of the company, from the idea to its consolidation as a leader company at the regional level.
    I consolidated the initiative with the support of high regional organizations and global, like the UN, the OAS, the Responsible Social Forum, One Young World, CECC SICA and Grameen Creative Lab.
  • I led the initiative to receive awards in national and international forums such as the TicAmericas Competition, Challenge Intel, Start Up Global Tic Cup Paraguay and Taiwan.
  • I led a program to strengthen the Family with the Ministries of Education of Costa Rica, Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Dominical Republic.
  • I led the incorporation of the idea to the Business Incubator ParqueTec.
  • I participated as representative of the idea in the Dialogues in Education with Kofi Annan, an initiative concocted by One Young World.
  • I created and consolidated an advisory board with recognized entrepreneurs at national and international level as Marco ten Vaanholt Global Vice President of the SAP Community and Andres and several regional entrepreneurships leaders.


Aug ’15 Masters Degree in Project Management
ULACIT,  Costa Rica

Aug ’15 Nonprofit Financial Stewardship Executive Program
Harvard Kennedy School

Dec ’13 Masters in Business Administration with emphasis in Marketing
ULACIT,  Costa Rica



Hangout with Kofi Annan about education.

2012-Current  Leader Ambassador One Young World
Community of Young Global Leaders, organized and represented by Kofi Annan, Muhammad Yunus, Desmunt Tutu, David Jones, among others.

  • Ambassador of Costa Rica in the 2012 Summit in Pittsburgh.
  • Selected as Leader Ambassador 2013.
  • Selected to participate in the Dialogues of Education with the Nobel Peace Prize and former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.

2013-Current  Co-creator and organizator of Xboot Camp
Xbootcamp, (Extreme Bootcamp for entrepreneurs) it is a physical and virtual space to promote entrepreneurship by entrepreneurs.

  • Co founder of the camp, designed to creative practical workshops and experiences to entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.
  • Main speaker of the event.
  • Participation of more than 100 entrepreneurs and founders on the event.
  • Tickets were sold out 3 weeks before of the date of the event.

2010-2015 Awards, Keynote Speaker, CEO, Coach and Mentor

  • Costa Rica’s representative at the World Youth Assembly at the UN.
  • Representative of Costa Rica in the UN General Assembly.
  • Local Representative of the Young American Business Trust OAS.
  • Awarded by the Organization of American States in Ticamericas contest in the categories of Social Responsibility and New Market, from for than 5000 projects.
  • Mentor and Coach for entrepreneurship competitions as “I Entrepreneur Award”, “I think” and “Ticamericas”.
  • Speaker at the Global Week of Entrepreneurship and different entrepreneurial activities in Costa Rica and Taiwan.
  • CEO and Mentor of the Entrepreneurship Club of the Ulacit (The best private University of Central America).
  • Mentor and Coach of the project Social Help, awarded in Costa Rica as the best social project in 2014 by “Yo Emprendedor” and presented to the President of the United States Barack Obama in the Event/Program Shark Tank at the White House.


  • Mother Tongue: Spanish
  • Bilingual: English

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